About Me

Hi. I'm Joyce.
 I'm a new stay at home mommy.
I'm terrible at photography[[so bear with me]] & my husband is brilliant at it.
I dont really make up crafts but I'll try your tutorial if you have one.
I cook and bake but never remember what I did or how I did it so I don't share recipes often.
I love tattoos and have a deep affinity for robots & fort building.
I went to school for Peace & Performing Arts 
have fallen in love with being with my son all day everyday.

I met my husband in the Summer of 2009 & we were married in February of 2010,
we're movers and shakers like that.

We introduced the world to our son Reef Kaikoa on Augest 3rd 2011

This is Zach.
[please excuse my classy volvo he's pictured in, I've had it since I was 16]
He's honestly the raddest person I know.
He's a combat veteran 
a scuba diver extrordinaire.

We're young parents who have done everything backwards and despite all of the surprises life's thrown at us we're making it work one day at a time.
This blog is a chaotic mess of our lives and then some.

[[Thanks for stoppin by & checking out my blog...I hope it helps you crack a smile]]