Thursday, September 8, 2011

My little 'Opihi

1: Naked Reef chillin in his favorite thing- WATER 2: Reef hangin out in his sling [yes, i have things attached to my bra to hold his bink] 3: Reef 'Opihi sleeping on Zach while we watch Clerks 4: Reef does "sleep sucking" its hillarious 5: Again, Opihi sleeping on mommy.
I've started calling Reef an 'Opihi [oh-pee-hee]. 'Opihis are a type of hawaiian sea snail that live on large rocks and cliff edges in Hawaii. They suction onto the rock super TIGHT to avoid being knocked off by massive waves. As you can see...Reef is an 'Opihi during nap time...and night time...basically the kid hates to be put down and needs to be suctioned onto one of I indulge this? Hell yes. He's only 5 weeks old, if he wants to sleep on my chest I don't see the harm. And, he is starting to sleep in his co-sleeper crib more and more. He also sleeps in his swing, bouncer, and of course the sling (which I finally posted a better photo, sorry for the last one).

Update on our move: It looks like the army puked in my living room. It's COVERED in Zach's army stuff..Armor, duffle bags, tents, cold weather gear, goggles, random objects that look like they are either for helping or hurting, etc...our dogs are jerks and peed all over it when we turned around...oh the joys.

Happy (what is today?) Thursday.


Fourteen Actors Acting

Fourteen Actors Acting: a video gallery of classic screen types

This...yes THIS...right absolutely brilliant. It's gorgeous and moving vignettes...I only wish Brando was still alive to be in it...mmm Marlon Brando, he's my favorite. One of the greatest actors of all time.

Here's my favorite clip of a screen test Brando did...he's mesmerizing just answering simple questions on camera.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things We Love

SUCCESS! Yes, I'm having five minutes of feeling like an accomplished mommy (i know, right?!). I've finally gotten Reef into the sling- THANK GOD. Since we're moving in oh, 3 weeks and 4 days it's a relief that I can finally do things with him attached to me and still use my hands.

Light-On-Shoulder Baby Sling in Nirvana. You can find it HERE.

I ordered a Light-On-Shoulder Baby Sling in Nirvana off of Amazon for the beautiful price of $29.95 + Shipping.

I originally fell in love with the slings from Sakura Bloom they are UH-MAZING but also a little pricey. But..I mean...Just look at it
Finally, the gDiapers are fabulous. I love love love them. After a few days of figuring out a good routine it's easy peasy. Those of you considering cloth diapers I highly suggest gDiapers.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bottle. Boob. Baby. Advice Palease.

Yep, my son loves the bottle more than me. Well, not exactly. But he does love the bottle. I can't keep up with this kid I'm telling you! Does anyone have advice on a good....electric breast pump?? I'm hoping to keep him on breast milk as long as I can but this kid can EAT. 3 oz at a time and he's just over 1 month. Anyone else have a hungry lil boy like this??? I'd appreciate any advice. xo.