Sunday, March 27, 2011


This weekend was the Shaun T Insanity Bootcamp in Hawai'i. As most of you know I'm obsessed with Insanity & Shaun T for many reasons but I was really looking forward to getting to workout with him and just immerse myself in breaking a sweat Insanity style. Unfortunately, I had to miss the event due to being so sick...old Joyce would have just gone and kept a puke bag on hand but preggo Joyce is making the very conscious mommy effort to do what is best and safest for Reef. amazing Beach Body Coach Fran (who organized the bootcamp) sent me something so amazing that I had to watch it three times to make sure I wasn't dreaming:
Thank you SHAUN & FRAN!!!!!!

Sunday sunday sunday

Sundays are my absolute favorite day for listening to reggae/ska/punk/rock type music. It all started when I was in the womb and my parents would blast Bob Marley and The Wailers in their little coffee shack in Holualoa- I still have all of their B.Marley records sitting at my friend Mackenzie's house in Connecticut waiting for me to send her money so they can be flown back to Hawai'i by UPS.

I grew up with my parents skanking around the house to artists like B. Marley and Steel Pulse. So, it's what I play when I'm feeling down and need comfort (like today). Sometimes I overdue it and Zach will, oh so kindly, turn off and rock some Zeppelin or grab his guitar and remind me why I'm obsessed with him.

Anyways, I've spent much of the last few days coughing, barfing, and crying (you know, the usual for a sick preggo). Luckily, today is Sunday and even though I feel like crap my mom is still here making me Shepherds Pie and skanking to the Sublime radio station and I am reminded that life is good my friends.
The following photo titles [somehow I completely messed up linking the photos] are linked to some rad Sunday-In-The-Follis-Household tun-age.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The "H" Word

This, my dear friends, this is the "H" word:



My most favorite food in the entire world..I could eat it, literally, everyday. Hand rolled sushi from Mr. Hayashi himself at You Make The Roll in Kailua Kona on the Big Island. And yes, it has ahi in before some of you get huffy with me- fish in Hawai'i has minuscule amounts of mercury and it is safe to eat raw fish once a week or least that's what the docs here have told me. Plus I have a few friends who ate more than a small share of raw fish here and gave birth to very healthy babies with no complications.

My amazing mama was kind enough to bring it with her through airport security and beyond to make sure I got my much needed fix. Ask any Kona kid who's away from home what they miss and guaranteed its "Hayashi's and Kua Bay".

Thank you Mama

She brought me Hayashis AND Fresh Flowers xo.

Too much sushi induced us into "nap time" mode
Happy Aloha Friday.

Steppin Out

I finally got out of the house and went down to the beach yesterday only to be completely blown out by heavy winds that pelted me with sand. I took a few photos before I finally left. The weather has been so sporadic and strong lately with the tsunami and heavy tradewinds that it has been leaving some beautiful gems all along the shore here.
This last photo on the right is an old one from the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island.


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lazy Thursday

Zach left for Army Training at a location I'm not supposed to disclose for the second time in just over a month- last time he was gone for our wedding anniversary. I should be, and am, proud that he's such a fantastic medic that they're sending him to run the aid station and treat sickies from the unit alone but still...I'm sick, pregnant, and on bed rest...can't I be selfish and have my medic take care of me?!

All of us were too blah to move much today.
If there's one thing I've learned it's that the army has impeccable timing & I am on their time but they will never be on mine. My entire life is subject to what "they" say. They tell Zach to "go" and two days later he's gone and I'm bumming around the house with our dogs. 

And, I  know, I signed up for this but I can't help getting frustrated. I constantly tell myself it is for the greater good and soldiers, undoubtedly, need training. At least it's not deployment and at least its not for very long.

Anyone else have these selfish frustrated moments? You have my sympathies if you do.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

145 Days till Reef :: Obsessions::

Since it's Vloggin Vednesday and the topic is "Guiltiest Pleasures" it only seemed right to post about a few of my recent [and not so recent] obsessions.

I'm one of those  people who gets REALLY into things wholeheartedly to the point of where I almost annoy myself but that's when I find I'm having the most fun is when I'm fully committed to my "of the moment" obsession.

Let the obsessions begin:
The idea of cloth diapers, at first, completely horrified me. My mom explained how she used them with my sister and I. She was graphic in detail (wringing out poo) when describing them and was of a more hardcore mindset that came with being completely broke in the 80's. My best friend also said I would last " three months at most " then get too lazy to keep using them (she, by the way, is obsessed with them now as well). But, then, thanks to Melissa from DearBabyBlog I saw gDiapers and credit my complete and utter obsession to her detailed posts of their family's use of numerous cloth diapers.

I'm obsessed with gDiapers for a few reasons:
* They're affordable & in the long run much cheaper than disposable diapers.
* They're easy- you take a cute colored "diaper" snap in a plastic liner and put in a disposable or reusable cloth insert and BOOM! baby's bum is dry and comfy. When the cloth insert gets soiled you pull it out, stick in a new one, and BOOM! dry baby bum once more.
* They're cute & come in a whole crayola box of colors.

Since I have been unable to keep my heart rate under 140 doing my usual Insanity workouts I have turned to yoga. I first started taking prenatal yoga at the cleanest & perfect local studio, yoga4ewa, but classes are only on Saturday and the instructor is on vacation for a few weeks so I was getting frustrated & I'm not good enough to practice without some sort of guidance. That's when I found yogaglo. It's an online yoga studio that is constantly updated with new yoga & meditation classes.

I'm obsessed with yogaglo because:
* Its totally affordable to even the poorest of college students. The first 15 days are free and then it's only $18/ month for unlimited access to all of their classes.
* They offer classes for everyone, from beginners to the yoga elitist to preggo'd ladies.
* They have classes that range from a quick 5 minute stretch to a 2 hour vinyasa flow- it fits anyone's busy schedule.
* You can practice wherever you get an internet connection- which means as long as I have my laptop and some wifi, I'm in business.

 I first started Insanity in December of 2009 four months after my, then boyfriend now husband, deployed to Iraq. I needed something to take my mind off of deployment but other than taking my best friends daughter to the park and becoming a workaholic I still couldn't stop stressing. I saw a commercial for Insanity at some ungodly hour when I couldn't sleep and bought it the next day.

The first two weeks were brutal, I had been doing nothing but moping and working so I was super out of shape, plus I still had all that lovely weight I had gained in college attached to me. It hurt to get in and out of my car and reach my arms over my head but when I was doing those workouts my entire mind was cleared and all I could focus on was making it through those DVD's and "Digging Deep". Plus, Shaun T is hilarious. 
By  January 2010 I had lost 50 lbs and that college weight I gained was finally gone! I recently just became a Beachbody (the company that made Insanity & P90X)  Coach and will be meeting Shaun T on Sunday (insert giddiness here).

Sooo I'm obsessed with Insanity for a million reasons but the main ones are:
* It's affordable- about $120 + shipping (email me at so I can help you get started on a fabulous & affordable workout plan).
* I saw results quickly.
* There's ZERO equipment involved, all you need is a pair of workout shoes and a floor.
* I can do it in my living room (super plus, especially when i'm jiggly & sweaty).
* Beachbody Coaches & community are always there with epic amounts of support for the lazy & hard days.
*Shaun T. is absolutely EPIC.

I hope that wasn't an overload of random obsessions :) 
After re-reading this I realized it looks like a HUGE ad...I didn't mean for that to happen...I'm in no way promoting these things for any other reason than the fact that I love them and just had share!
Happy Vednesday

Husband quote of the day:
"What is a caterpillar's worst enemy?"
"A dogerpillar"

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Since January I've had the most horrendous cough...the kind that drives even my husband, the medic, insane. My doctor can't figure out what's going on (always a comfort) because not only do I cough but I (WARNING TMI) viciously puke up mucus in the morning; I'm already feeling unsexy as it is, do we really need to add to it? I've gone from antibiotics to allergy medicine and now back to antibiotics and bed rest- bed rest is my personal hell- I'm a doer and a work junky.

I'm utterly determined to kick this cough once and for all and have an arsenal of immunity boosters to do so. The immunity boosters include:

Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil, Spirulina Powder, Vitamin C, & more water than I've ever drank in my life. 
Plus large bowls of whole foods and leafy collard greans. 
The fish oil and vitamin C were strict orders from my doctor and the spirulina & flax seed oil were given her "OK". I absolutely love spirulina. It's one of the best Superfoods around and all you have to do is toss about a tablespoon (or more if you were raised around a lot of hippies like I was) into a smoothie and you're good to go! Once mixed into the smoothie it has absolutely no effect on the taste of the smoothie, only the color turning it a deep-green-Dr. Seuss-inspired hue. If you're having trouble with Iron or calcium it is packed with that as well! For more info my favorite brand is found here, they're a local company on the Big Island of Hawai'i that manufacture this glorious green powder I love so much.
I have a thing about putting my smoothies in mugs, now that I'm pregnant and doing my very best to stay away from my favorite addiction, Caffeine.
[[I'm hoping to get better at taking, what I like to call, Food Porn photos. You know, the kind that make you weak in the knees and desperately hungry in an instant]]
Last but not least of my immunity boosters- fresh flowers. Having them in the house when I'm sick (or not) always makes everything feel better.

Monday, March 21, 2011

doggy bed time


147 Days (but the internet gods have us in the wrong time zone so i'm sure this will post as 3/21/2011) left and counting...everything from cloth diapers, birthing techniques, swaddling, a robot baby shower, doughnuts, & two crazy puppies peeing on anything they can find. It's all overwhelming and epically exciting to say the least.
Hubby quote of the day "tiiiiiired".