Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Aloha Friday: My Dad saved a sailboat

I really think very highly of my dad.

I've always been a daddy's girl, with a dad like mine it was hard not to be.

He's done everything for me. He worked SO hard to make sure we had what we needed. It is no secret we grew up poor but i never felt poor because damn, there was A LOT of love in our house. My dad went spear fishing everyday for a few months just so we could eat and ummm that was the best fish I've ever eaten in my life. No complaints from me.

Since the early 90's my dad has been Captain Tom. He's a fantastic boat captain and has worked for numerous companies on The Big Island of Hawaii. Yep, he's pretty freaking cool.

Due to his awesome captainess I grew up on boats. I grew up snorkeling with Dolphins and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to humpback whales (I kid you not). Every year on my birthday I would get to hang out on a catamaran singing to my favorite humpback whales. Talk about a childhood to remember! I got open water certified with PADI when I was 15 and lucky for me my dad started working for a scuba company...So, I've gotten to dive in eel gardens, with manta rays at night, and have even kissed a moray eel...yep, I'm THAT girl.

My dad is 53 almost 54 years old and he still has the fun loving attitude of a 22 year old. How the man does this, I still don't know. He is ALWAYS happy, seriously. He is the complete embodiment of ALOHA. He still says aloha to random people while running errands, he's just that nice.

So, how did he save a sailboat you ask? The other day after they docked and had unloaded all of their passengers my dad was waiting to refuel the boat...well...apparently there was a gorgeous sail boat tied up at the fuel was supposed to be tied up...but for whatever reason it came untied and started ramming into the dock and another dad saw this just before it happend and jumped in to grab the rope and pull the boat back so it wouldn't get completely damaged. I have no clue where it's owners were but, of course, my dad is now BFF's with them. He says they're super nice people from Austria who are still in Kona waiting for a new part from France for their boat (no, they're not loaded or anything...i had to say it ha). Luckily my dad, with the help from a few coworkers, was able to minimalize damage for this lovely sailboat.

Anyways, this is the kind of guy my dad is. Jumping in harbor water (if you've ever seen it, it's gross even in Hawaii) to save a stranger's boat. He always picks up hitch hikers and drives them all the way to where they're going, even if it's an hour away from his destination and gives homeless people all the cash he has. I wish I was more like my dad.

Captian Tom!
Someone got a pic of him saving the sail boat!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Parenting a High Needs Baby Vol. 6: He's a Maaaniac

Reef is a maniac. A cute, sweet, snuggly...MANIAC.

As this little maniac develops his ability to use language he now screams...for everything...there are lots of happy screams/ grunts. There is a hungry scream, an 'I just want to run in my jeep, woman!' scream, and a definite tired scream. He also has a 'HEY DOGS PLAY WITH ME' scream as well as a chit-chat-chatter-box way of talking to the dogs,

He's already developing such an independent little personality and even though I'm exhausted I wouldn't trade him for the world, or a Broadway career...and for me, that's saying A LOT. (oh wow, yep, I said that.)

One thing with the high needs baby, they will ALWAYS let you know what they want and they refuse to stop until they get it...this is Reef. He will scream his heart out, turn bright red, and tense every single muscle in his tiny body until you put his little butt in that jeep, so help you god.

Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I cry because it takes me longer than I can handle to figure out what he wants. But, most of the time I just smile and sing to him until I finally get it.

So, this house is full of screaming 24/7.



Reef & Zach getting wiiiild:: Reef looking way too old::
Reef and his fatty fingers:: I like to call this Reef's "Who Face"

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Woohoo I've made it twentyfour years on this here earth and haven't done too shabby!

Since yesterday was my birthday I did what any cool kid would do, I ate whatever I wanted while dancing to Le Tigre on volume 7,000!

Life is good.


I had a serious love affair with my old instant polaroid but when they discontinued the 600 Film a piece of my heart died and I hadn't found anything to replace it...until now...

I'm whole again and I can thank my husband.

I'm so stoked on these photos!


Zach set it up in our bedroom while I was out getting a massage so I can be right next to Reef and still work while he naps. Awesomeness.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holy Hiatus: new job, new friends, new life (?)

Reef's REALLY into licking cold air. For the record: his bib says "I eat Noobs for breakfast" we got A LOT of dirty looks in Target for what people thought it said.

I know, holy crap, I know. I. HAVE. BEEN. MIA.

Reef is finally settling down from this last wonder week and his neediness has mellowed out A LOT. It was touch and go there the last two weeks. Just when I think I'm about to keel over and die he calms down...thank god. Unfortunately I had zero energy for anything. It makes me sad when I don't blog but I really just have to roll with the flow and sigh. yea.

Anywho... I have some exciting news.

I just got offered a Swim Coaching postion! I haven't gotten all the juicy details but I'm really excited! Plus, we need the moola and I miss working with kids.

I've also utilized and found a group of attachment parenting mamas! I met up with one of them and we hit it off fabulously! Can you say instant friendlove?! So cool!

With all this being said I feel like I'm finally settling into my new pale Texas skin. I've also gotten on the freeway here twice which is quite an accomplishment for me (it's the baby steps people).

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful time.



Monday, February 6, 2012

14 days of love update & REEF IS 6 MONTHS OLD (ah!)

Phew! I'm so glad I haven't had time to post updates on the 14 days of love husband read my blog last night, I know right?!

I honestly had no clue he even looked at it.

So, I will be posting the rest of the days after Valentine's Day, just to be on the sneaky safe side.

In other news: REEF IS SIX MONTHS OLD!

the day he turned 6 months was not one of our best days but i managed to cell phone photo his little self

I seriously can't believe it...okay, I can...but still...where did the freaking time go?!

Here are a few things he's totally in love with right now:
- Dogs. This kid LOVES our dogs. He'll giggle at them all day long. It's awesome.
- Being tickled. Yep, Reef is a sucker for being tickled.
- His Jeep walker. It's finally happened...he figured out it is in fact HIS FEET making him gooooo.
- Dancing. Reef has always loved dancing to some good tunes. Whether I'm holding him and it's me doing the dancing or I'm helping him stand and dance, he's ALL about it.
- Faces. This one is cool/sucks. Reef is really into pulling on faces, cool right? Errrmmm it is but...he has super baby hulk strength and nails o' doom (no matter how  many times i clip the damn things) so I end up looking like I've been clawed by a cat all night long.
- Avocado. This seems to be his favorite food so far. Beets and chicken are in a very close second.

Here are a few things he totally hates right now:
- Toys. He's completely over being still and playing with objects that don't play back.
- Being slightly tossed up and caught. My husband used to lightly toss Reef up and catch him and he used to giggle..not anymore good sir, NOT ANYMORE. This is now the scariest thing he's every experienced, poor guy.
- String Bings. Yep, he hates em. Bummer.
- Other people. He's going through a crazy phase of development right now and well...he just doesn't like anyone else. Booooooo. Hopefully in a few weeks he'll be over this.
-Naps. Apparently he just doesn't want to take them anymore. But, I guess if I could finally see better and was understand relationships I wouldn't want to nap either...I mean LOOK AT ALL THAT STUFF! So, fun.

Anywho, I hope you're having a rockin' monday.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top Reasons Why High Needs Babies ROCK.

So, I haven't been the most positive person in the world about having a High Needs Baby...I have my moments and way too many of them. I know, I know. I realized I post a lot about the negatives and that I whine a lot. me? Whiney?! NEVER. hahaha.

Having a baby is hard enough, having a high needs baby is a whole world I just wasn't prepared for. Well, after six months I'm getting more and more settled into Reef's unique personality. I thought I would share some perks of having a high needs baby. By the way, this is not meant to be offensive to anyone with a superduper awesome baby who does things like sleep and play by themselves (oh , the dream). It's just me trying to survive and stay positive when I haven't slept in a week.


**You get extremely creative REALLY fast as a parent to a High Needs baby. Everyday is a new mystery to what will calm and please Reef. I had no idea I could bounce, rock, pat, and make my arms do a vibrate motion while doing dishes..oh yea, and holding Reef.

**You get to buy new accessories...Baby wearing ones that is! Slings, Wraps, Baby name it, we've used excuse to buy fun things I get to wear is always lovely.

**You're never EVER bored. The high needs baby keeps you constantly entertained and engaged 24/7. Seriously, Reef never stops moving and playing.

**You learn to Share...everything. I've always thought I was good at sharing until I had Reef, then I reached a whole new level. Oh, you wanted to shower alone?? Fat chance. "Me time" means "Reef time". Sleep? With Reef pushing me out of bed, not going to lie...he pays me back in cuddles. You wanted to eat in quiet? More like let Reef screams with Joy at trying to pull the fork out of my mouth. So, yea...I'm good at sharing now.

**You become a total Go With The Flow/ Living In The Present Moment kind of person. I strived for 23 years to be someone who lives completely in the Present Moment but constantly failed. Well, with Reef there is no other option. The second I make plans I make sure Im not attached to those plans because I never know if Reef is just going to screeeeeaaaaaam all day or be completely displeased with me. Now I live moment to moment with him...bounce to bounce as I like to say.. (oh wow, did i really just say that).

**You never ever give up because when you've hit that point and you have nothing left to give The High Needs baby will pull it out of you because THEY never give up. Reef just won't stop until whatever he NEEDS is met. This NEED is usually some sort of mental and physical stimulation. So, as soon as I think 'I give up, I can't effing to do this'  he screams at me until I figure out all he needed was to wrestle (by the way, our wrestling is rolling around on the bed and me kissing his face).

**You become strong. Literally. I rarely sit and am constantly moving, my legs are getting tone and I can probably lift things my husband can't. It also strengthens you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You reach new levels a video game... kind of.

**You save money. On toys that is. This may not be the case for all parents with High Needs babies but it is with Reef. He would rather play with me then any toy I put in front of him and once he's "figured" the toy out, he's OVER it.

**You become the most patient person on earth. Okay, not realy but you do learn an EXTREME amount of patience.

**Personality. You get to learn your baby's personality REALLY early in out of the womb early..and to me, that is really really freaking cool.

**I'm using my college education!!! Okay, well some of it. I took mostly theater, dance, and drama therapy courses in college (i never, ahem, graduated...) anywho...I dance more now then EVER before. Those early mornings in a freezing dance studio in the dead of winter have completely paid off!

There you have it folks, Top Reasons Why High Needs Babies ROCK. If you have other reasons leave them in the comments below! Orrrrr if you have reasons why YOUR baby rocks leave those in the comments below too!!!

Happy Sunday



ps more 14 daysof love posts to come...reef has been well...unique  the last few days so my posting had to be put on hold.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14 Days of Love: Day 1

Since I've been a super epic wife nasty bitch lately and Zach and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day (my birthday is the 17th and our Wedding Anniversary is the 20th) I figured I'd do something nice and different for Zach.

I have planned out (I know, watch out, I actually planned something) 14 little gifts of love for the first 14 days of February. All together I spent $34, it would have been less if I read price tags at Target correctly.

Day 1: Orange Chicken & Rice (his favorite) in a Personalized Takout Container & Personalized Fortune Cookies.

Unfortunately I have zero photos of what I did since Reef is sick and Zach can smell when I'm up to something. I had to decorate the takout box in the bathroom when Reef went to sleep, god only knows what my husband thought I was doing in there.

But here is what I did:

I took this free printable and cut out circles to cover the panda express logo on the takeout box since takeout boxes arent really popular items in stores here (weird), I bought a huge side of rice to go with the chicken I made. Then I used these freebie fortunes (I didn't make the cute paper fortune cookies but I'm going to use them on a different day with the HUGE bag of edible fortune cookies I bought and actually personalize all the sayings).