Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh Jude

Bridget cruised with lil Jude today while I shopped my brains out at Target and Costco...One thing about Hawaii people- INFLATION...everything costs more since its shipped into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I spent too much money on stuff we needed and braved the globs of people and angry drivers...anywho, I still enjoyed walking around Target looking at fun things (I mean who doesn't love the aesthetics of Target).

After everything all I really wanted was to go surfing. I can't wait to get back in the ocean :)

My sister is the freaking child whisperer...doesn't matter who they are, they flipping love her.

Did I mention I only have 16 DAYS until my due date!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm totally immersed in the FINA Swimming World Championships in Shanghai right now. It's been completely inspiring and exciting, especially when I share it with my lil swimmers at practice! Below is a clip of Dana Vollmer swimming the 100 meters butterfly. Her stroke is amazing and I had the pleasure of having lunch with her after a clinic for the kids and she's probably one of the sweetest most down to earth girls out there. Plus, she's kicking ASS at Worlds right now...what's not to love?!

Friday, July 22, 2011

$400 LATER....

I love my dogs, I do. It was time for them to have their yearly checkups and shots yadda yadda....well...they needed more shots than I thought, more meds then I planned for, and more future appointments then I'd like to make... I went in thinking, 'woohoo, I'm being a responsible pet mama and getting all of this done before Reef comes'....I left thinking 'how in gods good name could it cost $400 for THAT'.

To top it off Diesel completely flipped out and had to be muzzled and wrangled by our good ol' roomie Jordan and an epic Vet tech. Then poor Brie was so scared she pooed all over the examination room're thinking "really joyce, all over" I mean the dog literally went ALL OVER. I know, gross.

But, at least they are healthy and up to date now.

and of my lovely costly pooches.

mhmm....they take up more room on the bed in the morning than I do
Tough life.

My boxer battle buddy
Oh Brie.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

gDiapers Galore + 25 Days!

Yes, we are all aware...I'm totally obsessed with gDiapers. If you have no clue what they are you can find their awesome website here. I honestly think they are the cutest and easiest reusable diaper around. They are a bit more pricey than some but sooo worth it, we were lucky enough to have most of our stock gifted to us. I also found ones that were unused on craigslist for super cheap (god bless craigslist).

For those non-believers and to indulge my obsession, below are photos of just how easy it is to use gDiapers :)

1: Essentials: 1 HUG user guide, 1 lil gPant, 1 snap in liner, 1 disposable or reusable insert
2: Assembly: Snap Liner into lil gPant

3: Snap in at all 4 corners
4: Shove the insert in like so

5: Shove the other end of the insert in
6: You now have a ready to use gDiaper! AND to change baby you just remove the insert- if it's a disposable you can toss it, compost it, or flush it (theyre 100% biodegradable) & if it's a reusable you toss the poo in the toilet then toss the insert into your hand dandy waterproof gDiaper bag (which totally fits in a diaper genie, so theres no smell) & when you have enough you just toss em in the wash :)
7: Front View
8: Back view & I mean what baby butt wouldn't look adorable in this!
9: They come in numerous colors and all sizes. The one in the front row on the far right is a New Born size, especially designed for when you first bring baby home so it does not irritate the umbilical stump and provides ample leg room.
Preggo Joyce & Preggo Jordan (this is mine & my husband's bff...he introduced Zach & I)
I look maaaad sexy with that belly- HA.

OH AND...the countdown is ON...only 25 more days until Reef's due date!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 more weeks to go!

I don't know if it's because I'm Preggo or everything is deciding to happen all at once but the last few weeks have been ridiculously busy. My mom was back again for another surgery [everythings A-OK], I had one of my best friends [who is also preggo] come visit on her way home from Alaska, we've been short on coaching staff and packed with swim meets [I've got some sexy sunburns that are now peeling], I've been attempting to nest like crazy, & the old friend we were taking care of who was in the hospital for a while recently passed away :( So I've been in the middle of arrangements, his ex-wife and sons, lawyers, social workers, and hunting for his will...not a place I thought I would be at and dealing with right in this moment of my life but we love him and are doing all we can to help; he is by far one of the most interesting people that ever walked into our lives.

On a totally different baby-gushing-note below are some photos of a more organized space for Reef. We've been gifted so much it's been a serious blessing. All I'm waiting on now are our gDiapers, they should be here in a few days and I can't wait, I'm seriously OBSESSED with them.


1) I hung some cute lanterns and lights along with some lightening bolts above the changing table...I needed some soft lighting in our room as well as something for Reef to stare at. 2) We are very limited on space so I used a Munchkin Care Cart with some wrapped boxes to hold his clothing, hats, and towels. 3) this is in our living room: we've got a swing, a jumper that attaches to a door frame, a lil play space, and a pack n play [I also have a bouncer in the pack n play that needs to be set up still...I'll probably force the boys to deal with it]

1) excuse my nasty dirty husbands a giant and our sink is so short it constantly gets splattered with water and shaving cream. 2) more of reefs clothes. 3) I attempted to look somewhat cute but I really am just a preggo blob today.


I'm completely ready to pop Reef out...seriously people...those of you who have been preggo understand my hugeness and I keep getting extreme Braxton Hicks so I'm hoping It'll be soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Belly Art : 33 weeks 6 days

I've spent the entire long weekend sick and in bed. I'm calling it the "Soldier's Boobonick Plague" because a whole bunch of super sick soldiers went into sick call where my husband works and well...germed him up! I thought I was sick free but a few days after he was better I started getting that lovely throat tickle.

Anywho, today my loving sister painted my belly to make me feel better : ) Ignore the yuck faces I'm making in
the photos.

AND Happy 4th to everyone, especially those epic people in our military & their families.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

a lil flashback

Found an old pic of when I was doing Insanity and, well, before ALL this baby weight.

Flashing Back:

myself and Aunty Lynn laughing it up.
I'll be starting a new round of Insanity: The Asylum in about six or seven weeks after Reef comes. I'll post more info when the time comes but you'll be able to follow and join the workouts with me using your Team Beach Body account! It's fun when there's a group involved!!!