Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If you resent it, change it.

Mrs. Sears may be the best friend I have.

Yes, this is Dr. Sears' wife and I love her.

No, I don't know her but she makes sense. Perfect, non-judgemental, "mom sense".

The most simply profound thing I've ever read is "If you resent it, change it." I read this somewhere in The Fusy Baby Book by Dr Sears and his lovely wife Martha.

Guys, I resent it.  A lot of it.

Work, momlife, wifelife, being exhausted all the time. Yep, I'm a bucket of whiny resentment and that does no one any good.

So. I'm changing it.

And here's how.

A 21 Day Challenge (because I'm SO good at sticking with something).

21 Days of:

Going to bed before 10pm
No negative speak (aka no bitching)
Being Thankful
Living through Love
No alcohol (not even my beloved wine)

Yep, this is how I'm going to change the things I resent. Will I stick to it? I can only hope. But, my son and husband deserve a happy mommy/wife, a rested mommy/wife, a healthy mommy/wife, and a loving positive mommy/wife.

Here's to change!


ps because these two are worth EVERYTHING to me.

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