Monday, September 10, 2012

Sick boys.

I'd like to pat myself on the back...I know, that's obnoxious. BUT not only have I been working non stop to revamp the swim team program for the said nonprofit I work for, doing admin work in the wee hours for my mom's team, and, you know, doing the whole mama/wifey/daughter in law thing...I've managed to finish all admin work for these jobs while my Reef and Husband have been sick. PHEW. Done and Done.

Anywho, are you like me and you feel like I'm clearly a momfail since my son has a cold...A COOOLD. The last time I took him to the Doctor for a cold she was really gracious and made me feel way better then she needed to (love her!). So, for now, we are doing aromatherapy galore, taking homeopathic cold tabs, and advil. Voila.

Poor hubs, seriously...I think this is the first time he's been sick when I really just had barely any time or energy to make him feel better. I did try to stay quiet and play outside with Reef so he could sleep off whatever nasty bug is in him. Sigh, can't win them all right? RIGHT?! (wrong, I'm obviously supposed to be able to do everything just like superwifemom).

Anyone have any tried and true cold busters??? I would LOVE to know your secret! Anything to get these guys back to 110%


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