Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quality Dad Time

I've been working a lot. More than I signed up for. BUT it is a good thing considering Zach is back in school and only working two days a week. 

Just so we're clear, being poor college students was so much cooler when we didn't have a baby- now it's just a little bit pathetic.

Anyways, like I said, I've been working a lot which means Zach has been getting quality Reefy time. Before he went back to college Zach was working ALL THE TIME. If he wasn't at the scuba shop fixing and selling gear he was in the pool or at the scuba lake teaching classes. Before that he was an army medic and worked way too much in Hawaii. He's finally getting to chill out with our son. AND HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ITS SO CUTE.

They spent Sunday playing around, shopping at target (Zach got reef one of those ball mower toy things that makes a POP noise every time you push it...reefs completely obsessed with it), leaving me love notes on my car while I was working, and watching Gabba in bed.

Zach is so good with Reef and Reef is more and more into Zach which lightens my load (and if you've read anything about Reef being high needs you know I need a break). Last night Zach bounced Reef while he cried and cried and cried... not to say he doesn't help me but Reef is usually very clear about who he wants at night but Zach stuck with it and got him to calm down...I almost died from ooey gooey wifey-mom love.

This whole family thing, it makes my heart all fluttery.


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