Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Park: saving my sanity

So, I finally have a toddler that wants to walk everywhere by himself. Yep. He made this decision in the middle of Trader Joe's on a Saturday (boy was he pissed when I wouldn't let him run around the gazillion shoppers).

My saving grace is the park. Oh, yours too?? Good to know.

We have a small park in our neighborhood and this one photoed below is about ten minutes away. The last week we've taken Reef to the park everyday. He loves it. We love it. AND it helps get all of his crazy new found energy out! The kids a maniac but what toddler isn't?!

The weather has also started to cool down so its not a death wish being at the park... 103* doesn't really make a slide comfortable on the butt.

Are you a park addict??? 

Because I totally am.


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